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  1. Hard-won lessons: Five years with Node.js 2017 Apr 19

    After five years working with Node.js, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve already shared a few stories, but this time I wanted to focus on the ones I learned the hard way. Bugs, challenges, surprises, and... Read more »

  2. Better Git configuration 2017 Apr 05

    I like Git. I use it all the time. As I sometimes do, I recently took some time to really dig in, read through documentation, and review my global Git configuration. Welcome to my fourth stack... Read more »

  3. Top ten pull request review mistakes 2017 Jan 25

    I’ve worked on a whole lot of GitHub-hosted projects, whether personal, open-source, or on contract. Sometimes using the public GitHub, and other times GitHub Enterprise. But one thing is the same... Read more »

  4. The dangerous cliffs of Node.js 2015 Feb 11

    It’s not all roses in the world of Node.js. In fact, more than just about every other platform I’ve used, it can feel like a precarious mountain path with a long cliff below. Yes, it features some... Read more »

  5. Static site generation with Gatsby.js 2016 Apr 19

    I’ve been on the web for a long time. I was hand-editing HTML with Notepad all the way back in 1997, uploading to jps.net or Geocities via FTP with my parents’ 14.4 kbit/s modem. So I have a lot of... Read more »

  6. Practical Gatsby.js 2016 Apr 21

    So you want to use React.js to build your site, and you want to deploy just static files? Gatsby.js is a great choice! But it’s dangerous to go alone - take these hard-won tips! Read more »

  7. Node.js is not magical 2014 Dec 09

    All the cool kids are using Node.js these days. But perhaps more interesting, big companies are using it too. In the spring, I contracted with Walmart Labs and saw it firsthand. They’re getting... Read more »

  8. Getting started with Elixir 2017 Mar 07

    The more time I spend with JavaScript, the more brushes I have with the dangerous cliffs of Node.js, and the more I gravitate toward functional design principles. Thus, I periodically find myself... Read more »

  9. ESLint Part 1: Exploration 2016 Jun 14

    I recently spent some time to review my ESLint setup. It’s got lots of rules, and a healthy ecosystem of plugins. It’s intimidating! Maybe I can help you make some sense of it… Read more »

  10. N for Node.js (NERP stack part 1) 2016 Feb 01

    What is the NERP stack? I’m glad you asked! It’s a fun little development stack acronym, my counterpoint to MEAN. In Part 1, we consider the Pros and Cons of Node.js! Read more »

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Hi, I'm Scott. I've written both server and client code in many languages for many employers and clients. I've also got a bit of an unusual perspective, since I've spent time in roles outside the pure 'software developer.' You can find me on Mastodon.