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Contract: An unusual skillset Sep 20

Social Security Administration Logo

I’ve spoken before about my training and development contracts, but my second stint at the Social Security Administration (SSA) was an interesting mashup. I worked with the code itself as well as with developers, project managers and executives. It was a great opportunity to use my unusual skillset: spanning the tech/non-tech divideRead more »

Understand the problem (Dev productivity tip #1) Sep 13

I’ve been told that I’m a very productive developer. How do I do it? You’re about to find out! Welcome to the first of my developer productivity tips: Understand the Problem.

Tutorials and bootcamps are all about book knowledge. For maximum coding productivity, you need deep knowledge of exactly what needs to be built and why! Read more »

Modern evidence requirements Aug 03

A couple years ago, I did my civic duty: I delivered a ‘not guilty’ verdict on a driving under the influence (DUI) case. But none of us on the jury were very happy about it. Why? We needed just a little more objective evidence. Important evidence that only technology can provide. Read more »

drab waiting room

Hands-on with CircleCI and Node.js Jul 25

If you’ve been watching my @scottnonnenberg/notate repo on Github, you might have noticed quite a bit of churn related to setting up CircleCI. I learned quite a lot, and I’m passing all of that on to you. Let’s talk about testing software built with Node.js on CircleCI. Read more »

Better changelogs, strings, and paths Jul 19

I’m always on the lookout for ways to do Node.js and Javascript development better, but I haven’t found a good vehicle for these kinds of discoveries yet. I briefly mentioned a few in a recent post, and covered ESLint quite deeply in three full posts.

Let’s channel Goldilocks and see if we can hit the sweet spot with this one. Here are a few nice stack improvements from my last couple months… Read more »

Private Node.js modules: A journey Jul 12

One of the best benefits of Node.js is the ease of extracting code into its own new project. But you probably won’t want to make that code fully public. It took me quite a while to get to a solution I... Read more »

This blog is now open source! Jul 05

I just open-sourced this blog, based on the Gatsby static site generator. Very meta! You could be reading this on GitHub! I thought I’d walk through some of the more interesting details, and exactly... Read more »

Notate: Better Javascript callstacks Jun 28

You might not have noticed it yet, but the async event loop in Javascript truncates the stack provided with your Error objects. And that makes it harder to debug both in the browser and in Node.js... Read more »

Carrots, not sticks Jun 23

It may feel satisfying to use punishment to get people to do what you want. But by doing that you ignore human psychology, creating resentment which will eventually make it harder to achieve your... Read more »

ESLint Part 3: Analysis Jun 21

I’ve already spoken about my initial ESLint explorations (Part 1) and contributions (Part 2). For Part 3, let’s get a little deeper. Why use ESLint in the first place? Why is it so hard for a group... Read more »

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