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Contract: An unusual skillset 2016 Sep 20

I’ve spoken before about my training and development contracts, but my second stint at the Social Security Administration (SSA) was an interesting mashup. I worked with the code itself as well as... Read more »

Contract: New techniques, old technology 2016 May 31

Last fall, after having worked with React or similar technologies for a couple years, I took a contract working with Marionette.js. A much older technology, based on Backbone.js, it was... Read more »

Contract: React Training 2016 Apr 26

In March I didn’t just give a talk at the Seattle React.js Meetup. I also had a contract to design and present a 10-hour training on React.js, Redux, and React-Router. After last fall’s Social... Read more »

Contract: Teaching! 2015 Oct 09

If you’re a frequent visitor at scottnonnenberg.com (and of course you should be), you may have noticed an unusual entry on the work page: the Social Security Administration (SSA). Yes, I recently... Read more »

It's me!
Hi, I'm Scott. I've written both server and client code in many languages for many employers and clients. I've also got a bit of an unusual perspective, since I've spent time in roles outside the pure 'software developer.' You can find me on Mastodon.