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Star Wars Cards! 2016 Mar 10

It might surprise you to hear that I was obsessed with Star Wars when I was young. But it’ll probably surprise you more that in 2015 I delved into the world of Ebay collectibles and rebuilt my... Read more »

A 35lb weight swing in two years 2016 Feb 03

Over the past two years, my max weight was 172 lbs, and my minimum was 137 lbs. That’s a 35-pound difference. But it definitely wasn’t the standard “I’m not sure why it’s happening, and I’m out of... Read more »

A running update 2016 Jan 19

It’s hard to believe that it has been 16 months since my last post on running. I’m sure the suspense has been killing you since then! What has changed? What stayed the same? Read more »

Autumn Associations 2014 Sep 25

In American pop culture, Autumn is orange and brown, pumpkins, brightly colored leaves starting to fall, animals storing food for winter. I think of it a little differently. I think of it as a time... Read more »

Learning limits: post-injury running 2014 Sep 18

After partially tearing my left achilles tendon, it took more than a year until I tried to start running again. I trained and planned for months for that first day back running. But it definitely... Read more »

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Hi, I'm Scott. I've written both server and client code in many languages for many employers and clients. I've also got a bit of an unusual perspective, since I've spent time in roles outside the pure 'software developer.' You can find me on Mastodon.